The first truly JEWISH mobile site! aims to offer the jewish community a place to go mobile.
For the the community
The mobile world offers a new way to stay informed and keep entertained. We, the happily mobile Jews that we are,decided to give our community something to enjoy.
We help our communities
Most of all proceeds goes back into the community. Tzadakah is high on our prioroty list, so sign up today, and help us build a better community.
How easy is it to sign up?
Nothing could be easier! Open up your text messaging center on your cell phone. Compose a new text message. In the number field enter 42255. In the body of the message enter MAZEL. Now hit send! You should receive a confirmation message. Reply to this message with YES...and voila!
What will I get after I sign up and how much is it?
We will send you some of the funniest Jewish quotes, sayings, verses, jokes and inspirational messages every day...once a day. It costs $4.99/month to join up, which gets billed directly to your cell phone.
If you need any help getting going, just shoot us an email to or call us at 1-800-599-0791 or text HELP to 42255

Did you know there are 163 MILLION cellphone users in the USA!!
Be one of the first to have a cellphone full of MAZEL!

Ringtones and Wallpapers to decorate and entertain. Browse through our collection and grab a few!
The Friendship Community , will be a place for Jewish people to cyber-mingle. Create profiles, upload pictures, make friends...its free and fun!
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